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Running for no child abuse

Complete a workout between 22/10 17.00 and 23/10 17.00, and help make a difference.

It’s now time for our annual charity event – help out by working out with us. Everyone is welcome - both new and current members. Every kilometer that you work out on Fitness24Sevens cardio machines is converted, added and will be given as a donation to a very important organization called Childhood.

Bring a friend to the gym so that you can together help to contribute to an organization that helps children who are exposed to violence, exploitation and sexual assault. Help us make sure that they get the help that is needed.

Here you will find all the gym that are a part of this year's charity event:

Malmö Värnhem
Lund Centrum
Göteborg Ullevi
Stockholm Hötorget
Norrköping Ljura

Don’t have the opportunity to work out? You can also help by donating directly to or by buying one of the organization's nice bracelets.