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A healthy workplace

Don’t fall asleep at your desk.

Make your employees sweat! People get less sick and perform better at work with regular physical activity. Win-win for both parts!

Trött på jobbet - Friskvård för företag

A healthy workplace

Many employed in Norwegian companies are today in the risk group for bad health. By moving one person away from that risk group a company can save huge amounts of money every year. Think about if we could manage to find a concept which will increase the amount of people who're in the group with good health at your workplace. This will transform into resources and new energy which you can invest in more fun and important projects.

Examples of services we offer:

For us it is important that we find something that suits you and your company. Below are some examples of the most common services that we offer – should you not find anything that suits you, contact us and we will find a good solution together!

Gym membership for your employees:

Take part of a gym membership with great value for money.

  • Discounted membership
  • Access to all our gyms, in all countries
  • Open 24 hours a day

Personal training and training for groups

Workout and have fun together. Our well educated and inspiring trainers will guide you through the training that'll suit your company the best.

It's much easier to reach your goals if there's someone cheering and pushing you on the side. We have tailored PT packages for companies as well as individuals and smaller groups. And of course, all our PTs are certified.

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